FeedMeCoversmJust released as an Amazon Kindle short story, FEED ME! will take you on a flight with a mysterious bird through an unsuspecting town. This is one of my very favorite stories. On one night back in 2013, a small bird, a rook, visited my bedroom window to entrust me with his story. He came back night after night, ensuring every word was twisted into perfection. And now I would like to present you with the rook’s story, so please enjoy it, especially after a hearty meal or before a restful sleep. But before you start reading, check to make sure your bird feeder is full.

Available NOW on your Amazon Kindle and Kindle Apps! Download it HERE.

“Dark, Mysterious, and Full of Surprises!” – DV Filmworks

“Such an addictively strange story.” – NG Press

“Will make you always keep your bird feeder filled!” – Best Las Vegas Video

Author: sturak

A writer living in Las Vegas. Visit him on the web at

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