FeedMeCoversmJust released as an Amazon Kindle short story, FEED ME! will take you on a flight with a mysterious bird through an unsuspecting town. This is one of my very favorite stories. On one night back in 2013, a small bird, a rook, visited my bedroom window to entrust me with his story. He came back night after night, ensuring every word was twisted into perfection. And now I would like to present you with the rook’s story, so please enjoy it, especially after a hearty meal or before a restful sleep. But before you start reading, check to make sure your bird feeder is full.

Available NOW on your Amazon Kindle and Kindle Apps! Download it HERE.

“Dark, Mysterious, and Full of Surprises!” – DV Filmworks

“Such an addictively strange story.” – NG Press

“Will make you always keep your bird feeder filled!” – Best Las Vegas Video



His First, Her Last is based on the true story of my journey to the Philippines in March 2011. A collection of more than 7,000 islands lost in the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is a place unlike any other. A driver of a $100,000 Mercedes-Benz talking on a cell phone shared the road with a man whipping a horse. In a traffic jam, a woman walked between cars selling cooked eggs containing partially developed chicks. Just beyond a city with lights as bright as Las Vegas, the ghost of a woman wearing white has been seen for decades lurking in the night.

These slivers of culture inspired me to share this beautiful land and its people with you through the eyes of Jason and Hazel, an engaged couple about to put their relationship to the ultimate test. Their worst fears come true inside this island nation and it takes their will to survive to find their way together. I invite you to take a journey across the world where you will find love, life, and what it means to be alive.

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Forthcoming from Noir Nation Books, my new thriller novel, VEGAS WAS HER NAME. The story is about a wealthy businessman who finds his family, his business, and his life in jeopardy after having a secret affair. More information coming soon!



Check out this sleek storyboard of the first chapter of Clouded Rainbow! This was designed by artist Ali Coleman! Which one do you like? Please leave a comment!

Clouded Rainbow Animatic – CH1 (Version 1) from Ali Coleman on Vimeo.

Clouded Rainbow Animatic – CH1 (Version 2) from Ali Coleman on Vimeo.