Pre-order the newest story from author Jonathan Sturak! If you missed this witty, camel-riding short story as part of Noir Nation No. 5 (2014), now is your chance to download it as a standalone ebook–available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle!

Click on the cover now!

Don't Kill the Camel cover webPre-order this Hilarious, Funny, Dark, Light, Laugh-Out-Loud, Laugh-Inside, Laugh-Outside, Laugh-In-The-Car, Don’t-Read-And-Drive, Enough-Adjectives, Just-Read-It, Okay-I’m-Done, Really-I’m-Done Short Story today!

The camel arrives in your home on April 1, 2016! No fooling!

Four spec-ops soldiers infiltrate a mysterious terrorist compound to retrieve a package as a nosy camel attempts to blow their cover.

Author: sturak

A writer living in Las Vegas. Visit him on the web at

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