global-burning-completeIt comes with great excitement to announce the release of Jonathan Sturak’s 6th novel. Filled with suspense, sci-fi, and adventure, let the vivid imagery of Global Burning provide you with a window into a futuristic world.

What would you do if the world were on fire?

It’s the year 2045 and global warming has turned the world into a fireball. Nothing can survive outside and the last humans are confined to the underground. Recently, scientists have discovered the temperature has been rising at a much faster rate and in one month, the shields that protect the underground oxygen supply will be destroyed. All life will be exterminated! Follow Melissa Mercer, James Wilson, and the President of the New America as they try to save the human race from extinction.

Global Burning is available now in paperback and on the Amazon Kindle. Take your journey now by clicking HERE!

global-burning-3 global-burning-1


NoirNationEddie Vega, publisher of Noir Nation Books, has asked me to be the managing editor for the latest edition of Noir Nation: International Journal of Crime Fiction, Volume 4. I’m excited to take over the responsibilities for this issue with selecting the highest quality of crime fiction from the hundreds of submissions received. This volume will be the “Canada Issue” and the stories will feature a connection to the country that has its own share of shadows. Look for more information in the New Year about this exciting issue!

final-cover-nn-3Also, don’t miss Volume 3, which is out now! Make sure to check out my exciting short story, FEED ME, which is about a mysterious bird who terrorizes an unsuspecting family.